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07-23-2013, 01:21 PM
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Flyers/Eagles Ticket Seating questions

I'm planning on coming back end-of-October to take in a Flyers/Eagles doubleheader since I've never been to either of the facilities and was wondering if anyone could give me some seating advice:

Flyers: I see Section 101 within first ten rows available for $120 which sounds like a good deal - is it? Is that the side the benches are on and would I get blocked a lot (same relative seat in 113 is like $50 more)? Also see seats in 104/105 around Row 20 which are $150-$170. More fun to be in the corners where the Flyers are shooting twice?

Eagles: Obviously the cheapest available are Standing Room - where are those and how is that for a first time experience at the Linc? Most reasonable for Lower Level are the End Zone seats; is one end better than the other as far as taking in everything, availability of replays, etc.?

Finally, seems like if I stay with friends in the Liberty Place vicinity it's fairly easy to get to and from the stadiums on Public Transportation?


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