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07-23-2013, 01:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Habsterix View Post
More BS. How is it better long term? Going on you guys' assumption that the deal offered was for 5 years...

$2.875M + $2.875M * + $8M * + $8M + $8M


$5.5M + $5.5M * + $8M * + $5.5M + $5.5M

We'll agree for the sake of this argument that the salary will be the same beyond that 5 year period.

Please explain.

* 2013-14 when the cap goes down to $34M
* 2014-15 when cap goes back to $70M+ and other big contracts get off the books
First off, number should be 5M, not 5.5M, but let's leave it at that.
Second, I don't get your 8M in year three. It's 5.5M all the way through.

The difference is a 2.5M extra cap space available to us in year 3-4-5.

As for the cap dropping (and I'm assuming you meant 64M not 34) it's irrelevant because we're talking about an extra 2.7M which we had more than enough money for. Two compliance buyouts were already confirmed. So we had enough space confirmed for him even with a cap reduction.

Btw, this has already been explained to you more than once and by more than one poster.

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