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Originally Posted by HogtownSabresfan View Post
Luke is running out time quickly. Wow.
How does the fact that he accepted his qualifying offer reflect that at all?

Originally Posted by Rammstein816 View Post
Question regarding Luke Adam's contract. According to capgeek, he is making $140,000 less than his last contract's cap hit. Since his last contract had bonuses, is this why he was able to get less than the 10% increase that his QO is supposed to be? Is it possible that the Sabres told him that they would not qualify him if he asked for more than his prior contract? Is that against the rules in the eyes of the CBA?
QO isn't based on cap hit. It's based on salary. Adam's NHL salary last season, not counting his signing bonus, was 700k. Because of where that falls, he only requires a 5% raise in his QO. That brings us to 735k

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