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Originally Posted by Phlyer Phan in LA View Post
I'm planning on coming back end-of-October to take in a Flyers/Eagles doubleheader since I've never been to either of the facilities and was wondering if anyone could give me some seating advice:

Flyers: I see Section 101 within first ten rows available for $120 which sounds like a good deal - is it? Is that the side the benches are on and would I get blocked a lot (same relative seat in 113 is like $50 more)? Also see seats in 104/105 around Row 20 which are $150-$170. More fun to be in the corners where the Flyers are shooting twice?

Eagles: Obviously the cheapest available are Standing Room - where are those and how is that for a first time experience at the Linc? Most reasonable for Lower Level are the End Zone seats; is one end better than the other as far as taking in everything, availability of replays, etc.?

Finally, seems like if I stay with friends in the Liberty Place vicinity it's fairly easy to get to and from the stadiums on Public Transportation?


i'd say $120 isn't bad if it's the pens or rangers, but you might see better stubhub prices for the ducks and canucks. it is the side the benches are on, and if you're 10 rows up, that's just about perfect if you're sitting lower level IMO. I don't know if being in the corners is more fun or not, personally I prefer the side angle view.

my 1st linc experience was standing room only for the eagles, it's ok if you don't want to spend too much, but it can be hard to get a good sightline on the field if you're short like me. so long as you don't mind being on your feet that long it's not so bad. my only suggestion would be to make your way to the front gate at least 1 hour prior to kickoff, the heightened security is insane and the guy searching me wouldn't even take my number. there's huge HD screens at either end, IIRC.

and the broad street subway will take you right to the stadiums, just hold your breath when you get on at city hall.

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