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07-23-2013, 04:06 PM
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I'm not disregarding your view and of course you have the right not to like whatever you don't want to like.

Maybe I wasn't clear enough but I didn't mean you specifically demanded icetime. It was more of a reflection on a lot of opinions in the first 15 pages of this thread, but I couldn't quote the whole bunch of them.

The point of it all was that no one here should believe that Leksand will take Montreal's interest into account and that it isn't fair to get upset at Salo or whoever if we don't as he is our player. But not liking it? Of course, feel free.

As of Salo, no one that isn't him would know, of course. But I do believe he believes it best for JDLR to stay in Leksand, and I do believe he cares about keeping a good relation with Jacob. After all, the chance of him returning to Sweden at some point in his career is fairly big and I do think the leadership of the club would like such a return to be to us.

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