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07-23-2013, 03:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Simonster View Post

The point is he isn't your player yet. On some people here it sounds like you believe that Leksand is obligated to act as to make JDLR as good a player as possible for when the Habs decide to bring him over. He won't be put on a 1st or 2nd line to improve for you, he will be put there if he earns it and it is quite unlikely. I understand that you wish that things are maximised for his development, but you can't demand it and you do not have a case if it doesn't happen.

Leksand's business is winning hockey games in Sweden and using our players as we see fit to achieve this. That include JDLR being everywhere from 1st line to outside the team depending on how he performs. Leksand's business is not developing prospects for the NHL. A lot of Swedish hockey fans are not happy with the deal the Swedish Hockey Association has with the NHL where you pretty much can snatch whoever whenever for a relatively small sum as it is undermining the ambition for SHL and its teams to be internationally competitive and attractive.

For better or worse, current practice is for Top Swedish prospects to end up playing in the NHL. Whether it's enshrined in a clause of the Transfer Agreement or is tolerated by the IIHF as an acceptable business practice, Swedish players are drafted in the Entry Draft by NHL clubs.

While it's not a contractual right there is some legal right that binds DLR to negotiate a future contract with the Canadiens if he decides to play in the NHL... When he's deemed good enough to play pro NA hockey, he'll follow the route followed by almost all top Swedish players and play for the Canadiens. De facto, DLR will be playing in the Habs organization by the age of 22 at the tail end of his development period.

I appreciate you recognizing that "Leksand's business is not developing prospects for the NHL''. If DLR is any good, he'll end up with Montreal at 22 because of this hybrid legal right recognized by international practice that's owned by the Canadiens, not Leksand, not the SEL.... So any argument by Salo or someone affiliated with the SEL using the development angle (instead of their strict one-year contract with DLR which is perfectly valid) is self-serving.

Montreal has a vested interest on how DLR looks at 22. Leksand has none. He won't by playing in Leksand. You claimed that reasoning was "ignorant"... I say you have blinders on and can't face reality...

I would love for one or more top pro club in Sweden having the same financial assets and competitive circuit as the NHL to attract the top Swedish players in their prime. Unfortunately, we're not there yet.

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