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Originally Posted by Erik Estrada View Post
This is what you said:

"Swede supporting Leksand here. From my perspective, some of the comments here (like... "How about the Habs decide where he'll develop better? Both Windsor and Leksand will only have him in the short term and are biased...") are quite ignorant"

This is not about where he should play next season. It's been recognized that Leksand has a valid contract... I agree Leksand doesn't give a crap if DLR develops correctly of not. If he plays with them next season, Leksand will do what they want. They have games to win.

My big problem is about people affiliated with the SHL suggesting that he's better served playing in Sweden for his development. If the Habs say he's better served staying in Sweden (or that it matter little) I believe it. And that they should know better than Montreal... If someone affiliated with SHL saying it's a step back in DLR's progress to come to NA, it's biased because they directly benefit from him choosing Sweden right now...
Yes, and the opinion that the Habs should decide is an opinion implying that Leksand should surrender their rights and adhere to Montreal's wishes. It's still not what you are trying to make of my statement.

A minor footnote: In the SHL, the clubs are not franchises to the league but owned in majority by the clubs own members. The league (which is owned by the clubs) per se doesn't have much to do with this case, it's an issue of Leksand's. Maybe the Swedish Ice Hockey Association has some interest in the case due to JDLR representing the national team as someone mentioned earlier, but I doubt the league is involved.

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