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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
What are you talking about?

You need cap space to sign players. Shall we never discuss contracts because we don't know how the rest will later be used?

I'm not cap obsessed either. You're turning it into a huge cap thing when I've repeated countless times it wasn't the end of the world. But it's not because it's not the be all end all of things that you have to use the ''who cares'' attitude.

Any space saved helps. Funny you say this but then mention that we saved on the space last year and this up coming one. Then when people mention that the cap will be more important during the competitive years (like to be in the next 2-3-4 years) you go back to ''well give me an example and if you can't, you're wrong'' BS.

It's not even about needing the cap or not, it's about having the flexibility of having a couple extra million there. If we don't use it, then it's pretty irrelevant, but that's using hindsight. But the point stands, any time you can save cash when it's there for the taking, you do it. This is not even debatable. Stop being so hard pressed on making it seem as if cap space is overrated. It is, I agree. But if it's there, you take it.
Would you rather have our current roster with 0M on the cap, or 6M? It's seriously not hard to understand. Stop being stubborn on this issue, you're a better poster.
Mmm... which one is it Kriss? It's important or not important to have cap space in the event you want to use it? Not only are you using hindsight, but your posts are contracting each other. See for yourself...

Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
As for the savings, what were they? We had enough cap space last season to have PK signed to a deal doubled his cap hit, and that still applies now. That space we ''saved'' was used for absolutely nothing.
That was actually one of the reason some were saying the deal was a good one, because it would permit Bergevin to get a player around the deadline (he didn't), and then it was because he was going to sign some UFA (he did except not the guy anybody here wanted) but we still have the room.
So what's the point in saving some cash if you don't use it?
Personally, I say that saving that saving 4% in cap next year ($5.5M - $2.875M = $2.625M/$64M cap) is more important than saving 3.5% ($8M - $5.5M = $2.5M/$70M) when the cap goes up and more contracts expire and there is more time to plan around the raise. Must just be me.

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