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07-23-2013, 06:52 PM
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Originally Posted by uiCk View Post
having addntl cap sapce is better... DOESNT mean it will end in a better result, BUT you increase your ODDS. Take a quick logic class on wiki or something so we can stop arguing about this. holy cow, how hard is it to understand that.

It's basic knowledge, you are disregarding ODDS in your favor. It's like if you would go to the casino, and have choice between 2 games, one where your odds of winning are 10%, and one where they are 49%, and you choose the 10% one because odds don't matter only what cards you get.
What the hell do casinos have to do with this? I don't know why people keep making analogies to things that don't involve hockey

It doesn't make what you're saying anymore credible

Sorry gotta a 'wiki class', whatever the hell that is

Anyways, i've reached my care limit on this subject...i'll make way for the capologists to do their thing

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