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Originally Posted by scelaton View Post
My early childhood years were spent cheering for the Leafs, during the time that they were still a professional hockey team! Those were heady years, with Dave Keon, Mahovolich and lots of Stanley Cups. I transitioned to the Jets 1.0, just after Henderson scored the winning goal in the '72 Summit Series, so my timing was damn near impeccable. The WHA years were awesome, as my buddies and I would beg, borrow and steal jets tickets to watch Bobby, Anders, Ulf , Lars Eric Sjoberg (reminds me of Enstrom) et al. The Jets 1.0 are inextricably intertwined with my early adult years, when life was oh-so-simple.
The Jets 1.0 left just after the birth of my third child and I basically abandoned hockey, as I had no time and was completely turned off of the NHL. Fast forward 16 years and I now share seasons tickets with a large group, but have the opportunity to take my boys to see their very own NHL team. They love it and I love seeing them love it. One son is moving away to University this fall, but says he'll be back because of the Jets (not for his parents, but for hockey!?). This is not an uncommon scenario, believe me.
So, although I am an old guy, who should have better things to do, I am lovin' this new era, as I see the excitement I once felt with the early Jets reflected in my kids' faces with our new Jets.
I pulled the above post from a year-old thread entitled, Which Team did You Previously Cheer For. It was one of my first posts on HF Boards, back when I was a raw rookie...
Nothing has changed except the Leafs look like they are a real hockey team again

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