Thread: Speculation: Post Your 2013-14 Lineup
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07-23-2013, 07:47 PM
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Originally Posted by CS View Post
1. Gustafsson is the better defenseman now and has been for a year.
2. Meszaros hasn't been cleared yet, and we're pushing August.
3. Showcasing Meszaros only makes sense if we're putting him in for 5-10 games and then trading him. Otherwise, it's going to stunt Gustafsson's growth. You can't send Gustafsson to the minors either because he's not waiver exempt meaning you will definitely lose him.
4. Playing Meszaros over Gustafsson does not even significantly make our defense better considering the minutes they're both getting. That's of course assume that Meszaros is even better than Gustafsson at this point, which he isn't.
5. You're not committing to Meszaros after this year, but you have a commitment to Gustafsson long-term. There's no reason to ignore your long-term plans just to get a little better value for Meszaros, whose value is so low at this point that it's pointless.
And we all know there will be one injury going on to the D. And if that happens, we then could Gervais in the lineup...which I would like to avoid. I am all for trading Mez for a pick though. I would like to have a better #7 though as a safety net.

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