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Originally Posted by Corpse View Post

I was hoping you could help me out.

My son is 8 years old and were in the market for his 3rd pair of skates in 6 months.

He is a above average to elite skater for his age group. He's worn Bauer Vapour X6.0 and CCM in the past in a youth. His last pair was a quick buy due to his growing and he got a pair of Bauer Flexlite 2.0. His skating drastically improved in the Flexlites which I believe may have had something to do with the boot height. He seemed to jump right in to them and had no support issues and we didn't have to get any shimming done to them.

With the Flexlites going off the market would it fair to say the Nexus is the replacement to the Flexlite?

He recently had a pair of 3.5 EE Nexus 400's on in the store and he said he liked them. When comparing the Nexus line, where would the nexus 400 rank compared to other skates, in partuclar the Flexlite 2.0? Also compared to the qaulity of the 400 to the 800 given the price difference which skate would you recommend. Obviously the 800 is a better version but given my son just turned 8 and he is already 4ft 9 and 70lbs I'm pretty sure my wife will slit my throat in my sleep if I drop $380 on a pair of skates he may outgrow before Christmas. He wears a size 5.5 shoe and says the 3.5 fits nice, will it affect him to put him in size 4, although I'd obviously like to save buying a new pair in a couple months I also don't want to hinder him.

You seem to really know your stuff in here so I guess I'm just looking for a little more guideance than what the kid at the local sport store can offer on his summer job. We live in a small town in Northern BC so getting him some skates isn't as easy as going in to as pro shop and being able to trust there opinion.

Thanks for any help you can offer.
I'll come right out and say that I cannot (nor can anyone else) fit your son properly over the internet. My best advice for people in your situation is to always make a trip to the nearest credible retailer to get properly fitted. Maybe a summer roadtrip intra-province? I'd like to visit the Okanagan Valley sometime myself haha.

I can however, offer some pointers on what to look out for.

Nexus definitely has heritage in Flexlite, but with its own unique fit characteristics. You are correct that there is a good jump form Nexus 400 to 800, especially in terms of stiffness (better materials) and thus, performance. Check out the Nexus 600 that sits in between the two.

Regardless of brand though, you should have him fitted in whatever fits him the best. See if you can try on some different brands as well. This is where going to a good store is imperative if you don't trust your local.

It also sounds like you are getting him skates that fit him for the moment, while not accounting for growing room? Fitting kids is tricky in that you want some room to grow while not having it too large. In my store, we have a little stick with a diameter of one full skate size that we use to gauge the right sizing for growing feet. This is again where a good store comes in. You should be able to get a good year out of a pair of new skates, barring any huge growth spurts.

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