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Originally Posted by haleks View Post
The guy is their leading scorer for the past 2 years, and he was their 2nd leading scorer the year before. Do you really think that it was all him, and the coaching staff/management had nothing to say about it? I mean EVERYBODY, except you apparently, would say: "You can **** off the other team all you want, but don't get yourself out of the game/in the box."

Let's put it in Flyers perspective, so you're saying if Giroux is pissing off the other team's player and, almost each game, one of them goes after him. You want him to absolutely drop the guy he pissed off and fight. Otherwise you'll tag him as 'he lacks heart'? I bet you'd be the 1st to be happy to see Rinaldo, Schenn, Hartnell or whoever it is, step-in and take the fight in his stead.
There's a big difference between Giroux & Cousins, Giroux is an elite skilled player as where Cousins projects to be 3rd/4th line guy in the NHL. Cousins is a pest it's part of his game compared to Giroux who is not. That's probably the worst comparison you could possibly make.

The excuse of him being a top player won't be available when/if he makes it to the NHL & continues to with his ways. If he wants to be a pest in the big leagues he's going have to answer the bell once in a while. You can't skirt the line & expect not too.

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