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07-23-2013, 09:38 PM
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Originally Posted by ZeroPT View Post
Great post. Here's kindof a counter offer following your structure for the Vanek contract:

Vanek (possibly with salary retained)


Would you do that deal?
I protect Nyquist before Tatar. Tatar is a very solid player, this would be an interesting deal. I'm forgainst it.

If they are willing to retain some salary we could do it right now, this particular deal if we can make it cap compliant accomplishes what we are trying to do in one swoop. Would still rather it be Tatar over Nyquist though with that said and when giving up 3 NHL players, I am sure the Wings would push that and keep the guy they value more between the two.

The Vanek deal is going to be a hard deal on any franchise, really the hard part here is the division aspect. I'm not for the chase if we cannot extend him, which means Buffalo is going to want certain things. The Wings system is crazy loaded in depth, so is Buffalo's system, so they are going to want certain guys. I am guessing Pulkkinen will be one of those mid-tier guys they like. One of the big three wing prospects is going to go in Nyquist, Tatar or Jurco. They make decent trade partners depending on Buffalo's opinion on some of our guys. We have a lot of depth on the wings and I am assuming that is the area they are looking heavily into acquiring. It also allows the Wings to protect Jarnkrok without spoiling talks which is what happens in the past in Wings deals. So they could be interesting swap partners if they get over the division element and Vanek isn't pining for Minnesota like we are about to read in this thread at some point.

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