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Originally Posted by Lundsanity30 View Post
There have been exactly 11 deals in MLB history over 7 years..

Player Team Signed in Contract
1. Alex Rodriguez Yankees 2008 10 years, $275 million
2. Alex Rodriguez Rangers 2001 10 years, $252 million*
3. Albert Pujols Angels 2012 10 years, $240 million
4. Joey Votto Reds 2012 10 years, $225 million
5. Prince Fielder Tigers 2012 9 years, $214 million
6. Derek Jeter Yankees 2001 10 years, $189 million
7. Joe Mauer Twins 2011** 8 years, $184 million
8. Mark Teixeira Yankees 2009 8 years, $180 million
9. Felix Hernandez Mariners 2013 7 years, $175 million
10. CC Sabathia Yankees 2009 7 years, $161 million
11. Manny Ramirez Red Sox 2001 8 years, $160 million
11. Matt Kemp Dodgers 2012 8 years, $160 million

Which contracts do you think have been worth it?

IMO, Matt Kemp is experiencing injury after injury and having a horrible season, Manny was traded before his contract was up, CC opted out (only to re-sign), neither of Arod's contracts have been worth it, Mauer is not even catching anymore, Tex has had nothing but injuries and down years lately.. Pujols was solid last year, abysmal so far this year and still 8 years left (at age 33? we think).. The jury is still out on Prince fielder and Joey Votto's deals..

IMO, only the investment (so far, as I said jury is still out on Fielder/Votto) that has worked out was Jeter.
Disagree about not including Manny and CC with Jeter as being worth it. Manny had been great for a long time and helped them end the curse. CC has won a lot of games and helped win a WS.

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