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07-23-2013, 10:52 PM
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Originally Posted by KevFist View Post
Sometimes it really seems like some posters have no motivation for posting than to demean other fanbases while maintaining a jingoistic fervor towards their own. It's a vicious cycle of mockery and self grandiose buffoonery that leads to nothing but bitterness on all sides. I often wonder if those participating in these kinds of self effacing activities really understand the scope of their actions. The real question is, does it serve any true purpose? Or, do the posters just do it to overcompensate for their own self doubt. I'll never understand. I just want people to enjoy their teams and nevermind the bollocks.
Well stated, historically Winnipeg has been a bit of a punching bag so we know the drill.

It goes hand in hand with most trade threads between fan bases. No matter how nicely it starts out sooner or later the lowest common denominator prevails. Makes one want to take a nap.

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