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07-24-2013, 01:49 AM
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Originally Posted by boanst View Post
What interests me is what are the feelings of the fans of relocated franchises that have no allegiances to the franchise's location in the first place? We have folks here from 2 distinct places that know firsthand how it feels to have their team literally ripped out of their backyard, but what about the fans from overseas or other parts of North America?
Obviously nobody wants to see that kind of turmoil involving their favorite team, but has it affected them much at all? Of the current Jets fans from overseas that were also Thrasher fans, did this situation cause you any thought about reconsidering allegiances?
Duke89 and GermanJetsFan are the two resident Euro fans around here, though there might be more. I know Duke began his allegiance because he was playing one of the NHL games and ended up picking the Thrashers as his team because of it. i don't think GermanJetsFan went into his back story that I can recall.

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