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Originally Posted by blackat View Post
Thanks man! I'm moving in with a friend who currently lives around near Lawrenceville....I think? Somewhere in that area. But we'll probably be moving by the time I get over there. I'm not so good with American geography yet, but I will definitely come back with more info when I have it!

My problem is, by the time I move over my skating will be up to it's old standards again (pretty strong), but I still haven't played hockey before. Would I be suited to an absolute beginners class? I'm terrified of doing all the classic noob mistakes; holding the stick wrong, looking like a complete idiot haha!
I think you will do just fine. I have never been to an clinics or classes (would like to go eventually), but it from what I here its rare to find one with only "true" beginners. I have only been playing regularly for the last 3 months or so. I play with some guys in a "novice" pickup league most guys have been playing for 5ish years, and my game has improved a lot (not that its great, but still a little better) The most important thing with getting on (or back on) the ice is to just get out there! 99% of the guys out there just want to have some fun and play some hockey, and will be helpful to you if you have any questions. Some classes couldn't hurt though...

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