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Originally Posted by Trl3789 View Post
So, let me preface this by saying everything i'm about to relay is second hand, and only verified by score sheets and talking to people in the league.

I play in EE and EEEE, but stories have started to circle about a team in DDDD that play so out of control/dangerously that other teams have come to an agreement to boycott the games against them. At least three games have been forfeited at this point, and i would guess there will be more to come.

Heres an example of a forfeited game :

From the stories going around, i've heard that everything from two handed baseball swings with sticks to full fistfights have broken out in their games, with player on opposing teams frequently getting hurt. Again, this is all just rumors i've heard, but looking at the score sheets is pretty scary.

Here's an example of a score sheet from a game last season:

My question is at what point do I start feeling like i need to show my support for the teams boycotting? League management hasn't done anything at this point (as far as i'm aware), and the boycott has been going on for a couple of weeks now. I know this is an extreme idea, but should teams at every level start boycotting their games until this get rectified? I feel a message needs to get sent that this type of behavior won't fly no matter what level you play at. And if other teams that already have that "agitator" identity see this, whats to stop them from elevating the way they play when they realize there aren't repercussions?

Have you guys had any situations similar to this? How would you go about handling it? Obviously it doesn't directly affect me, but i still feel this is an issue that extends past just the DDDD league hockey at our rink.

Sorry for the long winded post, but I needed somewhere to vent my frustrations about the fact that this is even an issue. It sucks that people are legitimately worried/scared to play adult league hockey because guys are getting consistently injured against a certain team.
If someone two hand baseball swings at me - screw league rules and hockey rules in calling the police. People want to goon it up and ruin games for everyone else? Enjoy going to jail for assault with a weapon

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