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Originally Posted by blackat View Post
Thanks man! I'm moving in with a friend who currently lives around near Lawrenceville....I think? Somewhere in that area. But we'll probably be moving by the time I get over there. I'm not so good with American geography yet, but I will definitely come back with more info when I have it!

My problem is, by the time I move over my skating will be up to it's old standards again (pretty strong), but I still haven't played hockey before. Would I be suited to an absolute beginners class? I'm terrified of doing all the classic noob mistakes; holding the stick wrong, looking like a complete idiot haha!
well, the one I'm talking about has a wide range of skating. There are pure beginners, intermediates, and a couple of rink guards/skating instructors in there. Most are new to hockey, but many aren't new to skating. It seems a very easy going group, so I think you'd do fine.

The area around me has lots of adult clinics, and they vary. Here's what I've seen:

Protec Hockey Women's clinic- beginner/intermediate level, friendly small group. pretty even mix of skating technique, beginner hockey, and scrimmage

Protec Hockey Adult clinic- beginner and intermediate mixed. This clinic is very game situation focused. Lots of scrimmaging

Aspen Ice Flemington Adult Clinic- beginner and intermediate mixed. This one is very technique focused, no scrimmaging and limited game situations. Probably about 30 minutes of edge and stride work at the beginning every week

Bridgewater Sports Arena Adult clinic- good mix of technique and game situations. Often a pretty small group, so many times the lessons are oriented around dealing with specific issues people are having

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