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Originally Posted by LegionOfDoom91 View Post
It's pertains to the subject because we are talking about how he will adapt to the NHL level pulling these antics.

You're saying he was an elite player in the OHL (which he was the last two years) then why does he need to pull these antics? He should have just concentrated on getting the puck in the net since he was pretty good at it.
Why not? What's the problem? Because he's the team top scorer he needs to keep his mouth shut and be an angel on the ice? His antics might be one of the reason he put up lots of points. When he piss off the other team they'll try to take run at him and probably gets call for it, or put themselves out of position and a scoring chance open up. So again, why not?

Originally Posted by LegionOfDoom91 View Post
He was the biggest JO on the ice in the OHL for a four year period & only dropped the gloves 1 TIME.

Exhibit A:

That was at the end of the game there, he wouldn't have been taking himself out the game. You pull that in the NHL & the training staff is picking you up off the ice if you're not ready to go.
So the guy gets two-handed tomahawk swing in the stomach then jumped on (deservedly so for being in the face of that other player) and your complaining he hasn't drop the glove? I mean c'mon... And by the way, in the NHL it might not have been that bad. The player that does stuff like that get suspended and they lose a lot of cash. How many time did Marchand/Avery got that supposedly 'beating' that is waiting for Cousins for his antics? The year is 2013, player that jumps other players get consequence nowadays and it doesn't come cheap with the salaries player are making. It's not the 70s anymore.

Originally Posted by LegionOfDoom91 View Post
I love how every Flyers fan would ***** when Avery pulled this crap & then wouldn't answer the bell when challanged. It's funny how people's perspectives change when it's their own guy.

Bottom line is that the kids going have to toughen up or tone it down if he wants to survive in the Pros.
IMO Avery is in own league, he was hated by everyone including his teammates. A better comparison for Cousins would be Marchand. How many fight Marchand has? Like I said earlier, how many time did Marchand got his 'beating'?

I have no problem with a top player being cocky and in the face of his opponent, getting them off their game, and for not wanting to get himself out of the game/suspended when he his challenged.

But all in all we shall see when/if he make an NHL team first, regardless if it's with the Flyers or not. For all we know he might get traded or won't be able to crack the lineup. All we know right now is he was the leading scorer of his team.

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