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07-24-2013, 11:05 AM
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If this is the league I think it is, we're already at the lowest possible level. There's no dropping down for any of us because there's nowhere left to go. In fact, it's a league specifically designed for the lowest-level players (regular games but also regular classes for the whole group of three teams).

In regards to personnel, again, if this is the team I think it is, then we have very little control over any roster moves. The structure of the league is all individual sign up, then there's an evaluation day and a captain's draft. The league coach/manager has made trades in past seasons when teams are obviously lopsided (one team last go-round was winning 6-2 or 9-1 every game before some of their best players got moved), but nothing looks like it's happening this time around. The league re-starts every four months or so with a complete re-draft, and the league manager makes sure teams are significantly different each time around.

And that's part of the reason I just can't get too worked up over it (and if the OP isn't talking about this team specifically, it's a team in nearly the identical situation). It's the lowest level league, quite possibly in the area, designed for beginner or low-novice-level adults to get better. Yeah, there are people all over the ice who are significantly less skilled than some of the best players in the league. That means there are some face-palm worthy plays every single period. But the league is designed for that and to make those players better. It's not, nor should it be, about putting together a team with minimal flaws that gives you the best chance to win each game. In fact, I would argue the real issue with this league is they allow some far-too-skilled players to remain in the league for too long (which is related to a secondary issue of there's no easy next-step league - it's a pretty big leap up to the next level of league play around here).

I love winning as much as the next person. I used to be a kid who flipped board games because I was pissed I wasn't winning. But that's just not what this league can be about. And it's a maximum of four months/nine games before it gets shuffled whether you're on the best or worst squad. It might not be as fun as it could be to feel like you're starting with a disadvantage every game, but it's a self-limiting experience by design.

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