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07-24-2013, 11:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Broad Street Elite View Post
Everyone agreed the contract was terrible, but I don't think anyone foresaw Bryz being the disaster as a player that he ended up being. The consensus was that it was going to look brutal in 5 years.... instead of 0 lol.
I know I didn't foresee that but there were people who actually did so they should be given credit in all fairness. Like I say..yeah the meme of hindsight is 20/20 should really be replaced with foresight is golden..especially if you are the one paid to have it..that is my contention.

My foresight is that keeping Lavi is a bad idea and I'm "sticking" to it. I wanted BOTH him and Bryz gone this offseason. Bryz was the most obvious of the two...

I sincerely hope I'm wrong...even if Lavi sticks around I think he'll show his true colors again in the playoffs..if they even make it which they should but with so much parity in the league it's going to be a battle and Lavi's teams have been inconsistent (which Holmgren said he would get to the bottom of this offseason...haven't seen the final report!) although not as pronounced as they were with Stevens!

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