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07-24-2013, 11:36 AM
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Originally Posted by OccupySouthBroadSt View Post
I know I didn't foresee that but there were people who actually did so they should be given credit in all fairness. Like I say..yeah the meme of hindsight is 20/20 should really be replaced with foresight is golden..especially if you are the one paid to do it..that is my contention.

My foresight is that keeping Lavi is a bad idea and I'm "sticking" to it. I wanted BOTH him and Bryz gone this offseason. Bryz was the most obvious of the two...

I sincerely hope I'm wrong...even if Lavi sticks around I think he'll show his true colors again in the playoffs..if they even make it which they should but with so much parity in the league it's going to be a battle and Lavi's teams have been inconsistent although not as pronounced as they were with Stevens!
I'd advocate for a new coach as well. I get tired of the lack of adjustment, which is glaringly obvious over and over again.

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