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Like I've said, I'm about 95 percent sure OP and I are on the same team. She can feel free to correct me if I'm completely off base. There's one other league in the area I can think of with this problem, but that's not an assigned-to-teams type of league.

Our league is 11 practices and 8 guaranteed, possibly 9 games over three months. That works out to about $14 per 90 minutes, so it's really pretty cheap. Parity rotates by season, but even with our 1-3 record, it's a lot closer than I think the OP feels.

We've got an even goal diff (lost by 1, 1 and 2 and won by four) and are dead middle in GF and GAA among the three teams. We play from behind a lot and can't seem to get big goals late, but that's a team-wide flaw rather than it being on one or two people. Yeah, we have our weak links, but so does every other team in the league. I do feel like we start with a strike against us in some ways, but we have also had every opportunity to make it better. Sometimes hockey is just like that.

I've been on much worse teams than the one I'm on now and had much more fun, though. And that doesn't have anything to do with our team makeup weaknesses and everything to do with a jerk or two on the team who just stews and screams and generally makes everything way too serious for the lowest-level adult league in the area. I'm a competitive person at heart, but there's also something to be said for not being a jerk when you're a big part of making the problem worse.

And parity really does rotate by season (though with so many re-drafts, some players inevitably end up on the not-best teams more times than others). I was on a dead-in-the-middle team last year that finished 4-3-2, on a good team the year before that and on a bad team when I started. When you've got players who have never played in a league before and scrubs like me who skate like we're carrying a piano and conducting the orchestra at the same time along with some more skilled players in the same league, imbalance is gonna happen. IMO, we haven't done a good job of minimizing it (we tend to stick our lesser skilled players together on a line, for instance, and we insist on a defensive pairing that is fundamentally flawed because the lesser player wants to be the best player and allows lots of odd-man rushes), but that's not a fault of the team makeup.

So to go back to the OP's original question, I'd say the first thing to do is examine the actual numbers and see if the situation is really as dire as it feels (it's not). Then I'd go about making sure I played my best and had a good time, regardless of how some defensemen want to sulk around and pout. And I'd know everything flips in three weeks, so there's a new opportunity to put things together in a more positive way.

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