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I think a lot of wieght goes on how you develop a player as well. Sure you may draft the best player out there, but if he just gets thrown to the wolves right away he may never reach his potential. Sometimes you have you be patient, give him confidence and shots at making the club. Developing players is also a science, but like drafting, it is far from exact. You have to know how to develop certain areas of a players game, know when to graduate him to different levels, and also how to treat a young player as well. Some teams may not be able to entice a European player to come over to NA early or ever. It becomes difficult because every player has a different personality, skill set and learning curve so there are a lot of different variables to it as well. You may draft a great player that has a lot of potential, but you mis manage him and end up not recieving what another team may have if they were to draft him. I'll use Grabovsky as an example, maybe with another team he wouldn't of spent so much time in the AHL. Another team might of had a spot for him allowing him to become part of the team and for his confidence to grow. He might of flourished at the opportunity and became a very sucessful player for their club. IMO, scouting and drafting are just part of the puzzle, there are still alot of pieces that come into play. Just some food for thought.

I see Helm becoming a major part of the team in the future. He has all the tools to become a very sound two way player. He is definitely ready for the big times IMO, I think him spending any time in the AHL from now on is utterly pointless. If he can play like he did that deep in the NHL playoffs, he is more than ready. I have loved this kid since I started watching him in his early days with the Tigers, and he was my favourite player for them the year they won the WHL title. He just has a great mix of speed, intelligence, skill and maturity that is so hard to find for a kid his age.
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