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07-24-2013, 07:15 PM
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Originally Posted by ECWHSWI View Post
well yes, there would be no reason for P.K. to rush to sign a new contract when he knows he'll have leverage within a few months...

Nope, not really, but that he'll use it as leverage definitely (remember who is agent is ?).

Wrong, we're talking about the great idea brought up by LG that we should have signed in 5 for 5 instead of the 2 years deal, so it's four years, when P.K. will be a 28 years old UFA. So the idea is, give him a little more for 5 years, up till he's a top end D, 28 years old, UFA... so you too are willing to take the risk to see PK gone just so Habs can save a few $ ? really ? and you're the one telling others their "point" are garbage ? seriously ?

that's kinda easy to figure what he may cost in four or five years -> this season, well next when salary cap will be at 64 Mil, a D like Letang will make 7+, there's also players who already signed 8MIl per extensions, again, knowing cap will be 64 next season... so you think top end players will not make 9 in a few years when the cap will be higher, really ? come on now...

so, you know MB objectives now, really ?
Still doesn't mean he wouldn't sign an extension. It's not like players re-signing on their current teams, even at discount, when they're set to become UFAs is rare.

And again, the most important point that you obviously ignored, if PK's goal is to hit the open market, then he won't sign an extension past his UFA years, and now with arbitration+Norris in his corner, Bergevin won't be able to play hard ball.

Whitesnake made it very simple. Just look around the league, look at the players that signed 2 year bridge deals. You'll see one common ground, they still had quite a few question marks and/or were unproven. That's why he was signed to that deal. Nothing to do with grabbing UFA years. You don't need to know MB to figure this one out.

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