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07-24-2013, 07:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Guess What View Post
Playing floor hockey in NJ this month. So far 12-5-1 with 2 more games to go. I have 11 goals and 17 assists. Feels good man!

Anyone have epic league stories?
There was a brawl in the B-league championship game in the Syracuse Inline league a few years back, mostly a case of a couple guys not liking each other and one team having a monopoly on the league's jerks. I think only one guy got banned.

I chipped a tooth least year in an inline game. There was incidental contact in one of the corners between myself and at least two other players, guy ended up landing on my head and driving it into the tile. Didn't hurt, but cost a bit to repair.

My team last year in inline was 1-17, but the only B-league team to not get shut out. (Pats self on back.)

Couple of the guys in the inline league had played pro inline hockey briefly. Was fun playing in pick-up games with and against those guys. Hardest shot in the league was 97 mph. Ouch.

Ended up playing ice last season with a goalie that played some pretty high level junior hockey in Nova Scotia, probably AHL caliber talent. In our first game of the season we didn't register a shot on goal until 6 mins left in the third and he said he estimated he saw 80 shots and we only lost 6-0. We ended up with an okay record despite being terrible because this guy kept us in every single game. He was crazy, he was always in the right spot, he was super quick, his instincts were fantastic and he could skate and puckhandle better than any of the forwards in the league.

In my first ice game I took a slapshot square to the junk that ended up cracking the cup. I thought I was bleeding, thankfully no major injury, protection did its job.

I played pick-up floor hockey at the Y in cicero for a while, those games were rough, guys were not careful with their sticks and was incredibly chippy at times.

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