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07-24-2013, 08:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Still doesn't mean he wouldn't sign an extension. It's not like players re-signing on their current teams, even at discount, when they're set to become UFAs is rare.

And again, the most important point that you obviously ignored, if PK's goal is to hit the open market, then he won't sign an extension past his UFA years, and now with arbitration+Norris in his corner, Bergevin won't be able to play hard ball.

Whitesnake made it very simple. Just look around the league, look at the players that signed 2 year bridge deals. You'll see one common ground, they still had quite a few question marks and/or were unproven. That's why he was signed to that deal. Nothing to do with grabbing UFA years. You don't need to know MB to figure this one out.
Of course I ignore it, cause he doesnt make sense... at the end of his current contract he wont have much leverage so I don't see him refusing a 8 years contract at more or less 7 Mil per (you know, close to 60 freakin Million dollars)... two or three month before he's about to become UFA ( wit the 5 for 5 that's what would happen), THEN he has leverage, THEN he can ask for the moon cause he knows he'll get it (from more than one team), so yeah, MB would HAVE to match the best offers from the 29 other GMs (including GMs who's resume show they're willing to make crazy offers - see Philly and NYR among others)... and if you think these offers would be bellow 8 or 8.5, then you're just being naive.

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