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07-24-2013, 08:14 PM
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Rodriguez off of the Yankees would be a huge anchor lifted from the franchise.

Going for Soriano is stupid. They're no where near contending this year, and they'll be trading futures for a 35 year old? Come on.

Mo is retiring. Jeter all of a sudden looks like he's held together by glue and scotch tape. Your #4 hitter has only one extra base hit this month. Your best pitcher is 40. CC has been underwhelming.

I would be completely on board with doing what the Red Sox did last year. Trade all big money contracts to a team willing to take on salary for futures. Kuroda? Gone. Ichiro? Gone. Teixeira? Gone.

If I'm Cano, I'd think long and hard about re-signing with the Yankees. I'm just not seeing through the rose colored glasses like some people are. This is going to be a rough 2-3 years upcoming. The Mets are on the upswing, the Yankees are trending down.

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