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Originally Posted by PMLTH View Post
Dutch League is WEAK
Remember Suarez how many goals he scored with AJax? Dutch top scorers GO NOWHERE except him and Huntelaar
the Swedish kid John Guidetti? He scored 20 goals in 23 games he was like 19 and now he cant even make the bench at Man City. Dempsey proved himself he is an accomplished scorer with Fulham now he is one of the top scorer of Tottenham. Bradley was a regular CM in 3 Different European Leagues and now plays with Roma alongside De Rossi. Altidore couldnt even score in some Turkish club IIRC. He doesnt suck but now he is back on track scoring 4 goals in 4 games (with US) I think. So There are plentyyy of options for American DPs.

And We Know DPs doesnt necessarily mean great player but usually the highest earning is the highest paid for a reason so Ithink we understand each other when we are saying he is DP worthy
what the ****?

Sure, the Eredivise is not la Liga but it's a damn good developpement league.

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