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07-24-2013, 10:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Mayor Bee View Post

That's 25/30 who are former players, and they run the gamut as far as when they played. Lou Lamoriello played back in the early 1960s, and Steve Yzerman just retired a few years ago. All these other guys played sometime in between, whether in the minors riding the buses or as NHL All-Stars.

So if the NHL GMs, 80% of whom have a hell of a lot of experience in the game, decide that steps are going to be taken to phase out fighting, then I guess questioning their intestinal fortitude is a bad idea. I'd venture to say that someone who played 1,000 NHL games knows a hell of a lot more about the realities of both life in hockey and life after hockey than someone whose toughest physical activity is carrying two beers up a flight of stairs at a game.

But what would I know...some of the people on here clearly know more about toughness than Craig MacTavish playing 1,300 total games without a helmet.
This is verging on an appeal to authority fallacy. Of the people listed, at first glance only Yzerman and Wilson played at a very high level. I'd also wager that not a lot of the people listed played 1,000+ games in the NHL, I know Bryan Murray hasn't, that's for sure. Even if they had, that does not make their opinion implicitly valid and yours (or mine) impicitly invalid. They have to be viewed against various things...for the most part the NHL is extremely slow to change, players resist change most of all because of traditionalist values, whether those values are an appeal to "macho, real hockey" status or just liking things the way they are. There is also no sign that they want to remove fighting. The visor rule basically happened because of the Rangers player's horrific injury, just like the concussion stuff happened because of Crosby (for the most part).

Lastly, I'd really, really, really like to have any of these guys interviewed in isolation to see what they think. I'm not sure that our GM, for example, would want a bubble-wrapped NHL when he's got guys like Cowen, Smith, Neil et al. there to lay the pain.
Let's not forget that the NHLPA needs to approve this as well. They well might but we'll see. We haven't seen the end of fighting though, and that's a good thing overall.

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