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07-25-2013, 05:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Luceni View Post
Vanek wants to win the cup NOW.

Sabres doesn't want to win the cup for at least the next 2 years. They're rebuilding now.

Enough said.
Oh poor Vanek. I almost feel sorry for him. Making only $6,400,000 this year and he has to play for a bad team, too. Let's just hope he doesn't have to block any shots this year. I mean, what's the point of blocking shots for a team that's going to lose the game, anyway?

Originally Posted by Duddy View Post
Yeah, he should just say, I'm cool with losing, let's pay me and I'll just coast around and suck so we get a better draft pick, **** winning the stanley cup.

jesus ****ing christ
He's a ****** for creating such a bad atmosphere. Everything is just a matter of your point of view. Let's face it, we're going to suck next year. But you can also say that we're rebuilding and you can sell hope. Hope that things will turn around in the next couple of years and that we'll be a contender again. But you need to create optimism.
What Vanek does ist the exact opposite. He's creating pessimism. How do you feel as player, coming into a team with such a mentality? Your bottom six players are working their ***** of, blocking shots, making/absorbing hits just to give the team a chance to win. And your star player is like "What's the point? We're going to lose, anyway".

I'm not saying that he should lie about his situation, but he just should've said nothing. If he doesn't want to be on this team anymore, I'm finde with that. But please, go ahead to Darcy's office, tell him and ask for a trade. But just let the team in peace.

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