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07-25-2013, 07:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Roshi View Post
I would definately do DD for Ward (+ pick maybe) if it was in the table. Ward is a beast at his best and a playoff performer, but with this trade we could use Laich to replace him. And DD is one of the few 2C with 50-60 potential and a contract that would fit to our cap. But i dont think MTL does this.

If gorges goes to Washington mtl will ask for Brouwer , as for DD mtl would probably ask for Marcus Jo .... Im pretty sure if gorges would be on the market 25 team would be interested , he bring something that is rare , witch is characters leadership and he block shot like crazy !!

Would also consider a trade involved Johansson if that was what it would take. Not sure if neither team or even myself would do it, but MaJo + Erskine to DD + Gorges would be interesting enough to think about.?

As for Chimera & Fehr. Both have good contracts and we dont have the debt or need to trade them for their value in picks/prospects, so I dont see a reason to give up either one without filling our needs (2C or 2LD). Again, would be something like Chimera/Fehr + pick to DD or Gorges.

Wont happen anywyas because as GMGM sees it, our roster is ready as it is.
If gorges get traded mtl will ask for Brouwer , as for DD mtl will ask for Marcus !! If gorges would be on the market 29 team would be interested . He's a leader , he bring caracters , he block shot , he give is 100% for the team and will always defend is teammate !! Gorges bring a lot of thing that don't appear on the score sheet !! Mark my word if gionta leave gorges will be mtl next captain

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