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07-25-2013, 08:21 AM
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Originally Posted by JoeFlyer View Post
Something I read the other day (can't remember where or by who now) stated that the second preseason ends (or whenever you have to be cap compliant) you can basically LTIR a player if you are already over the cap to bring yourself back under, however this means it is assumed that, by virtue of already being over the cap, the LTIR'ed player has been replaced already. As such if (for the sake of argument) we sign Gagne now for $2m we'd be over cap by $4.054m, we could then LTIR Pronger at that exact value (as opposed to getting the full $4.94m of his contract) without moving anyone down, trading, etc.

Is that correct?
That's how capgeek explains it, I believe them the most.

Originally Posted by JoeFlyer View Post
It would mean that it's not really worth the hassle of sending people down as really, unless you can get our cap hit within $0.9m of the cap you aren't gaining a whole lot... But then why did when we send down B. Schenn the other year to knock off some of his bonuses? Or would that have still put us too far over the cap?
The second part of the capgeek explanation says that if a team is under the cap and LTIR a player, it is assumed that he isn't replaced yet and the team gets the whole caphit as LTIR credits. So, if the Flyers get under the cap an put Pronger on LTIR they get his whole caphit as credits.

Originally Posted by JoeFlyer View Post
Secondly, Cap Geek has Wellwood listed as a 'non-roster' player; if he accepts his QO does he just stay with the Phantoms? At the same time the Flyers website has Newbury on the team roster (but non-roster on Cap Geek), does that mean he'll have to be waivered and sent down?
Every player contracted to a NHL team is on the NHL roster at the start of the season, and everyone who isn't waiver exempt has to be waived before he can be send down.

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