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07-25-2013, 09:30 AM
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Originally Posted by TieClark View Post
Long story short, our team has a really good player who is far too good for the level. Our team is an individual signup team whereas most are team signups. This level is the only level offered for IS teams. The league now wants to kick our good player out of playoffs (allowing him to finish regular season) because it's unfair. Our player has 33 points in 9 games for 2nd in league, top scorer on 1st place team has 50 in 12 games and he's allowed to continue playing on the best team.

Basically my problem with this is our good player is playing in the only division the league offered him. He is far better, but he's not even the top scorer in the league and they're now punishing him after his fees are paid and our team because they only allow the lowest level for IS teams. On top of that, the highest scorer in the league is allowed to still play on the 1st place team (we're 2nd).

So I ask in this season only (I think a complete overview of what should done going into next season is a different subject), what should be done?
The league's solution defies logic. They placed him this season; they can place him elsewhere the next.

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