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07-25-2013, 01:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Phileeguy View Post
So in summation:
You enjoyed baseball more when the Phillies were bad, than the current situation.
Yet you don't root for them to lose.
You don't care for bandwagon fans that leave early.
You don't enjoy increased ticket prices (who doesn't?).

That sounds to me more like you don't really like it more when the Phillies were bad, you just don't like the peripherals of being a baseball fan in a time when they're good. If ticket prices were cheaper like in the 90's, and CBP was filled with fans you'd find only in the dog days of summer at the VET I'd assume you'd enjoy baseball a lot more.

Am I near the mark or way off?
Near the mark, although I would add in that I also said that I liked it when the team was improving (or trying to) rather than being stagnant (or declining). It's all just preference. Like I said, I'd rather watch the Flyers make the playoffs 10 years in a row without winning Cup than watching the Flyers miss the playoffs ten years in a row. But with the Phillies, I'd rather watch them miss the playoffs ten years in a row and not win the WS than watch them make the playoffs and lose every year.

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