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Originally Posted by Mikeyg View Post
Well Ill just make it clear that the leafs dont want/cant fit buff on the team in anyway, but are you telling me that franson and a 1st and colborne is significantly more valuable then franson and a 1st? I just think that value is too high imo

somethings missed here.

we have a very good comparable in the brent burns trade. a very high end offensive d man who gets traded.

he returned, a young top 6 forward (not necessarily one with toplinie potential) a top 30 prospect, and a 1st.

so i would also accept a young top 4 d man (though it would probably have to be a #4 and not a #3) in place of the top six forward.

i'll cook up an example under 3 assumptions:

The hockeys future list i'm going to use is gospel. They had coyle ranked as #18 at the time of that trade. So we will use a player HF ranks beween 15-25.

Winnipeg is committed to trading Buff

The team i choose to trade with is committed to acquiring Buff.

We will pay no attention to either team needs positionally.

so based off this, for dustin Byfuglien (edit) and a 2nd round pick in 2015 , in the above vaccume:

From St Louis:

Patrick Berglund (consistently 6th to 7th in TOI per game over the last four seasons on his team, and a .52 PPG production. Very Comparable to setoguch though i acknowledge higher defencive value. [To better clarify i would take whoever is deemed as the least valuable from St louis of Stewart, Berglund, Oshie, Steen, Backes, or Shattenkirk]

Jaden Schwarts (hockeys futures 18th ranked prospect - same coyle)

1st round pick (from a team expected to make conference final)

An alternate from a the NYR's

Carl Hagelin (Young top 6 forward with similar (.54 ppg) production to Setoguchi) who is not seen as a real possibility of becoming a first line producer.

Kris Kreider (19th ranked prospect by HF)

first round pick (from a team also expected to make conference final)

these three situations i feel are VERY comparable to the Burns to SJS deal.

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