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07-25-2013, 03:55 PM
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I'm enjoying the armchair Doctor discussion on here about depression.

It's a treatable disease that can have devastating day-to-day functioning effects. Simply put, Brule was likely not getting (nor seeking) the attention he required while with the Oilers. He suffered because of it. It's not a case of him being a "wuss" or a "headcase" - it's a disease that was never addressed. It's beyond the scope of what most laypeople can understand in terms of mental state.
It essentially comes down to biochemistry - there's a decreased amount of neurotransmitters associated with normal functioning/wellbeing/pleasure existing in the synapses of these individuals' brains.

The most common and effective medical treatments for the conditions (SSRI's, NDRI's, etc) literally increase the amount of neurotransmitters like seratonin/norepinephrine/dopamine in these synapses - and the effects on their mood are pretty visible within 6-8wks.

That being said, it's not something that can be dealt with on a 100% medical basis - there's a fair bit of initial psychotherapy (counselling, etc) that is attempted before medication is started. It takes a lot to get out of the "funk" the chemical imbalance causes.

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