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Originally Posted by kjohnny View Post

Stafford's comments were nothing but mature and class and hopefully his leadership and will to get better can help influence something around the team. Stafford just needs to learn to finish. He had some of the greatest opportunities out of any NHL player to put a goal away and just never could do it. If he can just finish and put those opportunities away he will be a solid 2nd line winger for us. If he can't we will continue to question him. Hopefully this is the year he gets back on track.
Good on Drew, but a rare bad job by DBTB.

First, as we know, hit posts don't count as shots. So being unlucky and hitting the post doesn't have bearing on the shot percentage.

Second, and more notably, (and guys do it here as well - and it is wrong) can't automatically deduce that a team high in shots with a record low in conversion means bad luck that's bound to change. How many shots were harmless flutterers from a **** poor angle? How many shots were on rebounds to the side of the net? How many shots were deflected? How many shots were SOG but only because the goalie played it, even if headed wide in theory?

There was way more to Drew's underwhelming season than poor luck.

Things I noticed:

- he often eased up when carrying on attack ... Meaning, instead of maintaining or increasing speed through the neutral and into the offensive zones, he would ease up, slow down, wait for a trailer, that kind of thing. All well and good for playmaking centers with fantastic passing ability. For a guy with size and power, maintain your speed or gain some more, keep the puck outside, shoulder the pressure with your inner core, and go to the net

- less snap and wrist shots, more slap shots... Didn't care for this. I feel as though he has one of the better snapshots on the team, and a good wrist shot. Both underutilized

- he did a lot of "play analyzation" in the moment, relied too heavily on his linemates to dictate flow and pace of shift. He is a guy with enough size and speed to dictate, which he does great when he is on

I don't love him. I don't care for streaky scorers who can't be counted on. But I believe he bounces back from a brutal shortened season that saw him skyrocket up the "overpaid" charts

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