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07-25-2013, 06:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Mikeyg View Post
................... we arent talking about feasibility of your team we are talking about player WORTH. Make a buff proposal, im dying to see his value in your eyes, all you have said is "you're right, it would cost MORE, emphasis on caps then franson and a 1st, so lets hear it big guy

I have no inclination to start comparing him to other players especially when his value is extremely high to Winnipeg at the moment. All you're trying to do is lure me into some trap so you can go "LOLOLOLOL LOOK AT WHAT THIS GUY THINKS" no matter what I post. I suggest you take a look at the last 2 pages to get a good idea of what people think about your posts. You've been trying to turn this forum against Winnipeg fans for a few weeks now and I would like to know why? Is it because we highly value someone who we view as a top 3 offensive defenseman? Someone who, as evident from past 3 seasons, has performed as one.

As I posted before, there are more examples of Toronto fans making outlandish trade proposals for 1 year of Phaneuf then we ever have in regards to Buff.

I've actually switched my tone in regards to your posts to try and get somewhat of a constructive conversation going yet you decide to keep turning this into a bait and switch where the endgame is trying to make me look like a fool.

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