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Originally Posted by Palinka View Post
I'll provide my thoughts on the draft, and some opinions from the team I was working with. I saw several of these guys in action. These are short, because I've got a busy day planned. I'll fill in more gaps later, I promise.

Wennberg - Loved the pick, and the consensus in the room was the same. No one had any concerns about his adaptability to the NHL, only his potential ceiling.

Rychel - I went into some detail on him previously, and this is a real boom or bust type of pick. Half the room thought he'd never get above the third line under any conditions, and the other half thought that the third line was his floor and that he had All-Star potential. The issues regarding coaching in Windsor are a variable that may be a huge red flag or might be a sign that his talent was being choked off.

Dano - Another boom or bust pick. I'd have gone for Zykov here and banked on Dano falling to the middle of the second round. Another divided room, only with more extremes on his floor and ceiling.

Heatherington - Didn't see him play, and only passingly listened when he was being discussed. Vaguely similar to Chris Bigras, who I liked.

Bjorkstrand - I tuned out when he was discussed, since my only viewing was on TV.

Moutrey - I actually lobbied hard for Moutrey with the team, as I think he's got serious upside and just needs ice time to really break through.

Soberg - Big-time upside here. And if not, it's a sixth-round pick.

Quenneville - Didn't see in action, and no real interest in him in the room.
Interesting. The thoughts on Wennberg are identical to my own; I think he's going to play in the NHL as a second or third line center, but I believe that his offensive potential is slightly better than he gets credit for.

I liked our draft really from start to finish, even if I was higher on guys that we passed over (notably, Shinkaruk and Hartman) ... I think every player we took has legit NHL potential, which is something I've never felt before.

Originally Posted by EspenK View Post
Dano - I like your comments here. Although maybe they had Heatherington targeted for the 2nd round or they just liked Dano so much more than Zykov they couldn't risk not taking him?
I think this was the case exactly. I'm sure we could have gotten Dano in the second round, but I think Heatherington is a guy that our staff really liked and didn't want to miss out on ... so we took Dano a little early and got both.

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