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Originally Posted by Grant McCagg View Post
I'm not making bold predictions I don't think. Since we've drafted McCarron there have been plenty of folks come on here and suggest he well could be a bust, not just in this thread.

It's possible to have a healthy debate on here without it turning into a pizzing match I hope.

I wasn't specific in who said what in a couple of instances - some of my comments may have been mistakenly thought to be directed at Mathletic when they were directed at a group because it was a general comment about people calling him a bust and such. So let's not try to make this a McCagg vs. Mathletic "battle" just because we had some lengthy posts. It's not a matter of picking sides, it's a matter of having healthy debate.

Stats are great and certainly have a place in are the opinions of NHL scouts. All of this is positive even if some of us get worked up. We're allowed to be passionate, it's a fairly common human emotion.

I'm sure I come across as pompous to some, just as a number of posters on here can be rather presumptuous and matter of factly in my estimation. Hard to tell when someone is lying to you or bending the truth as it's often hard to prove what the other person is saying. Many have a habit of stretching the truth in how often they've seen a player, or people they've talked to so that their opinion seems more credible. I do know that I don't come on here and BS people...if i say I talked to another scout and this is what they said...I'm not stretching the truth for my own agenda. I really don't have an agenda..just like to share my work and knowledge on this board. I find it an informative place - and respect the majority of the posters on here.

Many Habs fans have this natural tendency to to look at the negative. It's far too early to pronounce McCarron to be a potential bust....but I've seen it mentioned by more posters on here than any other since Price was picked ahead of Brule and Kopitar in 2006. I thought it was ridiculous to be so over-reactive then and I think the same now.

Let's have patience with McCarron. I really like what I've seen, and have heard many good things from scouts so far - hopefully we're not wrong. Just wish there was a little more faith in the masses, especially so early on with a prospect. Timmins and co. are good talent evaluators - Timmins has only improved in that department as his career has gone on in my opinion, and the stats bear it out in the number of prospects he has graduated, more than anyone else since he joined the Habs.

Anyway - I've had some free time over the past month to respond to the McCarron comedown squad..which seemingly has only grown since the draft. I daresay if I hadn't been in Mac's corner since the draft...the herd of negative sheep would have multiplied, and there would be weekly threads started on "the McCarron bust factor".

I'm happy that many of you respected my information and viewpoints, and also not surprised that ones who are disappointed in the pick think I'm kissing ass or just plain pompous..there's always going to be that crowd.

Holidays are pretty much over for me. I am writing a book that I'm slated to be releasing at Christmas time on hockey history in the region I'm from, and I can't be postponing the writing end of things any longer. Been getting warmed up on here as you can probably tell by the length of my posts the past couple of days..but the "fun" is over, and I have to get back to my book project and home renovations now that the hot snap is over.

I've enjoyed the lively discussions, and will still check in on occasion.
Good Luck with the book Grant, i have enjoyed reading your posts. Most people here talk out of their a** but you back it up with facts.

All the best!

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