Thread: Rosters and Ratings: NHL 13 player growth
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07-25-2013, 10:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Nuge93 View Post
in my 16th year with the kings, first line is:
Drouin 87, Mackinnon 90, Shinkaruk 87.
Second ling:
J. Hagelin (4.5 potential, 26 YO) 86, V. Cygan (same as Hagelin) 86, S. Sexsmith (Same potential, 24 YO) 87.

I find that if they match their old season's total, they stay the same. Improving a player is very hard. Have to get +25% of total points last season to go up one or two in high 80s.

If anybody is wondering how I got these players, I traded Richards Kopitar Carter Doughty and all the guys who are worth a lot but will retire soon for the first picks once I knew the draft picks potential.

Yes, I have won the cup 10 of the 16 years. I got lucky signing a 89 overall goalie as a 19 YO with 4.5 star potential... Pure luck.
Hahah, just seen that in my current beagm. Some 19 yr old 85 overall 4.5 star potential goalie was just sitting in free agency. He was the 3rd pick in 2015, lol. Needless to say, I scooped him up.

Crazy top 6 too, what are those guys best years they've had?

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