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Originally Posted by Astaroth View Post
Let's not take this Carbo hard on too far. He's been a decent coach but let's not anoint him with God status. Samsonov had his best two games in Colorado and Buffalo yet gets benched for no reason and then gets put on the 4th line. Obviously he doesn't care too much for it and answers honestly minutes after practice. Carbonneau then puts him on the third line for half a period and quickly puts him back on the second line. If anything it showed to me that he panicked way too quickly (Sammy had 4 points in 7 games and was starting to get hot) and made a terrible decision in demoting Samsonov for absolutely no real reason. Don't give me that motivation crap, Samsonov has been working his butt off all year.

He's been fine but the media gives him credit for everything that goes right but no blame for the things that don't work out; like us coming up flat and playing like a junior team three games in a row (Buffalo, Boston, TO), our defense in complete shambles most of the time (though that is more a personel issue that anything) and our great indiscipline (thought he refs are hardly consistent).
A. I think Carbo brings the same thing as Gainey does, call it stature, credibility, whatever. Both guys have enough presence and integrity to do their jobs. They don't have to wring their hands worrying about perception, what the boss thinks etc.

Both 'get' the game and act accordingly. The other side is that they're bound by what they're able to put together. Carbo wanted some things adresssed in the off season that Gainey couldn't for different reasons, so he does what he can with what he has. There's no guarantee that he makes the right moves in game at all times, the team will still come out flat on occasion, when the team gets in trouble, you see the same issues as you did for the last few years. Still, I wouldn't choose anyone else right now.

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