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11-02-2006, 08:38 AM
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Originally Posted by your_rogers_bill View Post
Is anyone worried that Carey Price, the 5th overall pick in a great draft is still not the best or a standout goalie in junior hockey?

Leland Irving is the best goalie in junior hockey, without question. He was drafted by Calgary at #26 in 2006, his numbers are breathtaking. 1.09 GAA, .955 Save%.

Tyson Sexsmith and Dustin Slade are 1a/1b on the best team in the CHL, they're #2 and 3 in the WHL in GAA and both up there in wins.

Then you have Taylor Dakers, Dan Spence, and Matt Keetley, all up there in GAA.

Carey Price is 7th in GAA, and 6th in Save% behind James Reimer, a late pick in the 2006 draft.

Does it worry anybody that he hasn't lived up to his pre-draft and post-draft expectations? So far he has yet to distance himself from the field at any level.
Statwise, Irving will be the best goaltender two years in a why was he selected 26th overall? Shouldn't he be the next Marty Brodeur?

Sexsmith and Slade are playing for a hockey machine who will host the Memorial Cup...they gave everything to be good this year. They are good, but the team makes them stars in the WHL.

As for Price, his team is better than last year, and he's having better stats. I would be concerned if he was like 15th ++ in the goaltender rankings, but he's almost top 5, behing the 3 goaltender above.

Why should we be worried? And wasn't Price our best goaltender in the camp? Why didn't he made the team?

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