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07-26-2013, 07:16 AM
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Sorry for butting in but

I'm moving to Canada at the start of 2014, I'm going to be in a ski resort for a few months, but will be moving to Vancouver in April. I want to join a pick up / recreational league, all girls or co ed, but finding it hard to find solid info. Also I'm Irish, so I don't even know the in's and outs of how it works in Canada. I'm a beginner, have bout a years training.

Any help / local knowledge would be appreciated. Couple of by questions are:

What does it cost for a season? (Do you have to pay membership and more every training / game? What is this amount typically?

I'm thinking of North Vancouver or Kitsilano area, would there be reasonably priced recreational leagues / pick up games anywhere near?

Are summer seasons easy to find, or would I be waiting until the following Autumn?

What is the difference between recy and pick up? Do both include training?

Apologies if some of the questions seem stupid, but would appreciate any help.

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