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07-26-2013, 06:52 AM
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Duke you should certainly stop feeding the trolls that much, they're getting fat!

Originally Posted by Duke89 View Post
Enstrom was the oldest player we've signed to a long term contract and he was what, 26, 27 when he signed it??

We don't have franchise players. Kane is the closest and Bogo still has to take the next step to reach that.

Enstrom needs I play so he can help us make te playoffs. For what he can bring his contract is more then fine.

After this offseason what players will need big raises? Seto? HA!! He might not even stay and Joker's $4.5 is coming off the books.

Couple that with the cap raising as well. Unless Redmond or Postma take a huge step forward, no one will be due for a big raise for three years. And that'll be Scheif and Trouba. And the cap will likely be at least $10 mill higher then it is now.

You think one of Buff or Enstrom will be bought out??!? I need more facepalms. [mod]

If people think we'll have cap issues over the next few years them so will every other team in the league.

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