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11-02-2006, 09:48 AM
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Not attended any of these games, but a few that stick out in my mind:

Habs - Bruins: Game 3, 2002
It was only Sakus 6th game back, he wasn't close to 100% game shape and for the first playoff game in Montreal in years, he dominated. 1 goal and 3 assists. It is a classic to me. We start well and take the lead, then everything collapses in the 2nd. Cue the giant 3rd period comeback. And the Bruins were the top seeds as well. Awesome game, one of my favourites. And to see Saku so happy was a joy.

Leafs - Blues: regular season, 2000 (i think)
The comeback game. Leafs were thrashing the Blues 5-0 with 15 minutes left in the 3rd. Blues won 6-5 in OT. That was one of the most insane turnarounds I've ever seen in any sport. And it was against the Leafs. Well worth watching. I wonder if its on Google now? I hope so, I'd love to see it again.

Avalanche - Devils: Game 7 of the Finals, 2001
The energy of the first half of the game (as someone supporting the Avs) was incredible. And Joe Sakics goal through the legs of Stevens and into the top corner of the net What a shot. The 2nd half of the game started me thinking if the Avs could hold on. Great to see Bourque win his cup and Sakic handing it straight to him, memorable moment without doubt.

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