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07-26-2013, 08:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Frank Booth23 View Post
LOL. You people want "proof" that a guy would want to play with his brothers. I think that's a pretty safe assumption- once which required no proof. You guys must not have brothers or something. My little brother joined the Army because I had- and he didn't even really want to.

Yet make the astonishing statement that Marc "hates" his brothers. Where is the "proof" for that?

So, my argument is that while Marc finishes out his 2 years in a "real" hockey market, he's either going to win the Cup or he's not. If he does, then what's stopping him from signing in Carolina? If he doesn't...then what's stopping him from signing in Carolina? He'll have been part of an organization that has consistently failed to live up to the hype year after year despite all the overpriced talent, maniacal coaches, ect. Why would he continue to ride that train into the wall?
What over priced talent? We haven't made any big FA signings in 2 years. Slats and Gorton are steering clear of that. The majority of our team is home grown talent.

Also you have yet to respond to my post how we have failed to live up to the hype. We have made the playoffs all but 1 year since the lock out, made the semi's last year and the ECF the year before.

Torts is gone. They have had two coaches post lock out Renney & Torts. Renney who was too nice. Torts who was too crazy. The rest of the coaching staff is sane (sans torts) therefore your insinuation of maniacal coaches holds no water.

Maybe Marc loves living in the big city. Maybe the Carolinas are too southern for him (they were for me as is Georgia at times). No one knows but Marc. Up until this point, every indication of his is to stay in NY.

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